Types of Sessions to Choose from:


Basic Milestone Sessions

Is your child learning to crawl, take his first steps, or about to blow out her first candle? This is the time to capture some of these precious milestones as they journey from a baby to toddlerhood.

3 Months Old

Babies from 3 months onwards can have their tummy time shots taken against our wide selection of backdrops and props available.

6 Months Old

From 6 months on, they may be able to sit up with some support and are perfect for those adorable bucket shots of babies in diapers sitting in baskets or crates.

9 Months Old

Have an active baby? Fret not. Now is the chance to catch them in motion as they begin to crawl or cruise. These first steps give a baby lots of self confidence and pride in their accomplishments and we would like to capture their smug looks and toothy grins.

1 Year  Old and Beyond

For many, hitting 1 year old is the time to call for a huge celebration with parties galore. Be it to prepare for photos to be used at the First Year bash such as banners, invites, albums or decoration, it is good to plan ahead and give us a call so we can help you plan how you can make use of all your gorgeous pictures to glam up your event.

If you are prefer not to have too much hassle but would like to have a cosy birthday shoot cum celebratory shoot in our studio, you are welcome to bring a cake and candles to blow out on the actual day too. Don't forget your balloons!

Garden Waterplay & Bubbles Sessions

Is your child a water baby and can't resist splashing? We have a garden and pool connected to our indoor studio where you have the option of a water play session for your little one to splash in the tub and you can blow some bubbles too. You can capture them at their most natural amidst the fun with lots of smiles and giggles. The outdoor greenery also makes for great family photos too. We have props like baskets, buckets and wagons for the babies in the garden as well.

Contact us to find out more about our Studio+Garden Waterplay packages:  info@psiloveyouphotography.com

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Family Sessions

Our family sessions are typically up to 4 pax. We love to capture those candid moments when you kiss your little ones, tickle them, when siblings whisper a little secret in each other's ear or even when they squabble! We want the photos to bring out the personalities and true spirit of your babies and family.

Quite frequently, we also have requests for extended families that come with grandparents, uncles, aunties and cousins too. Grandma especially would love to have a photo with her grandkids to hang proudly in her home.
Contact us for more details with how many pax you have in your family. Email: info@psiloveyouphotography.com

The Great Outdoors Sessions

Should you feel a little more adventurous and would like to explore the great outdoors a little, like a walk by the beach or park just give us a call anytime. Some children may love to kick some balls, blow some bubbles, splash around in the water, or simple have a lazy afternoon picnic together with a family pet.

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Maternity Bloom Sessions

Bloom or maternity photography is best taken between 33-35 weeks where the baby bump is most pronounced and before you feel too heavy to walk as your advance closer to your EDD. It is a great chance to show off those maternity curves and embrace your body as you carry a precious little someone within. Husbands are most welcome to join in the session as well as older siblings too. We love getting them to kiss the tummy and whisper something to their baby brother or sister. It also make a good chance to capture some bonding moments before the arrival of the new family member.

If you are still at the early stages of your pregnancy, you might also like to consider getting a series of baby bump photos taken at various weeks to compile a maternity timeline up til 36 weeks before you pop. Document how the tummy grows over the weeks. It's simply amazing.


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Newborn Sessions

Newborns are one of our favourite little people to photograph as they are so tiny, so precious and fragile. This is a special little someone that needs to be taken with lots of care and love. We have worked with many newborns over 6 years and while they are not the easiest subjects to take, they have been the most rewarding. Our sessions typically last 3 hr long with plenty of time for feeding, diapering, cuddling as we pose them in our baby safe photography props specially made for newborns. We do not rush through the session as we understand it is important to coax the infant to sleep in order to capture those sweetly sleeping newborns as you see from our galleries.

As the window to do the newborn photoshoot is very short from birth til 14 days old, you are encouraged to make a booking with us before your baby is born in order to secure a slot. You can have the option of having the session in our studio (with more props) or done at the comfort of your own home. If you are a first time mummy and rather overwhelmed, just give us a chat and we can guide you from there! Call us at +65 93804576. If we are busy shooting, just leave us a text or whatsaap and we will get back to you soon!

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Gift Vouchers:

Photoshoot Vouchers are available for purchase as gifts for your  beloved friends and family be it for a baby shower, 1st birthday or anniversaries.

All Photoshoots are on an appointment basis. You are encouraged to book a slot with us at least 1-2 months before your preferred photoshoot date. For all other customized requests, please contact us to find out more.

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